A Daily Schedule

The purpose of my daily schedule is to help me approach my day intentionally. It’s not a rigid system. Here are the steps I take to create my schedule:

  1. Write 1-3 goals daily goals.
  2. Write an hour by hour breakdown of your day.
  3. Review to make sure your goals are reflected in your schedule.

Having these decisions made in the past help me if I forget what I should be working on. I’m able to stay on task easier because I have mini deadlines every hour. This process also forces me to deconstruct large tasks into hour sized pieces. If it’s bigger than an hour, it’s too big.

My time blocks are often off. Some tasks take longer than an hour, and some take way less. To get the most value out of your schedule it should be as realistic as possible. Creating margin is an important part of making your schedule realistic.

Writing this out takes less than 3 minutes, but it gives me a plan. The schedule helps me prioritize my work and focus on the things that matter.