How I Read Books

Books are mini mentors. The value I receive from books exceeds that of other digital mediums. I think it’s because it forces me to sit on a topic for prolonged periods of time. The concepts are given ample room to sink in.

Even though my brain knows I should read more, my natural inclination is to spend my time on twitter and medium.

Here’s how I beat that.

First, I read on a schedule. In the same way i don’t debate whether or not I should brush my teeth. I don’t debate if I should read. I find the early evening to be a good time to do my reading. It’s a part of my schedule like everything else. The time to read is protected. Removing the need for a decision is half the battle.

Second, I read with a deadline. I try to finish the book i’m reading in less than a week This keeps things from getting too stale. It keeps the pace brisk which in turn keeps me interested. I’m usually reading more than one book at a time, and some books are too long to finish in a week, but on average, i’ve found this to be a good goal for me.

Third, I read to teach. Every Monday morning at 7:30am I meet with my brother and we share what we read in our respective books the past week. This forces me to review, condense, and organize the information I’ve read. It also provides inherent accountability for making sure that i’m sticking to my reading schedule. My brother and I don’t read the same book, which means explaining and talking about this book is on me. #