How to Become a Front End Developer

I recently taught a front end intensive course to people who had no coding experience. Here are three thoughts I would share with new front end developers or those considering the profession.

Technical confidence.

Getting started it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s important to remember that a lot of front end developers are self taught. If you are self motivated, and have time and energy to devote you can overcome the barriers to this field. A great place to begin is with a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learning these will build your confidence and allow your to explore other languages, and frameworks.

Mental grit.

There are moments in your work where you aren’t eager to learn new things. Staying engaged with your work is important for those getting started because it’s easier to drop out. You need to position yourself so that you don’t get stuck for long. Make sure your expectations are realistic enough to overcome the hurdles.

Creative Outlets.

Take the skills you are learning and put them to work. Building and shipping is a great way to learn. If you can’t do this at your job, create side projects. You need to have creative drive that keeps you engaged and hungry to learn. Devour resources and never stop exploring the terrain because it changes fast.

You can capitalize on one of the most enjoyable professions around right now if you approach it with the right attitudes. You need the confidence that allows you undertake this education and the humility to know you will get stuck along the way. Start with the essentials and keep creating new things.