Here are some design explorations built in SwiftUI. If you're a designer who is interested in getting started with SwiftUI, or is using it for prototyping I'd love to hear from you.

I will update this list, but the best way to follow along is on Twitter.

Half Sheet Transition
Mini Blender App using SwiftUI and SceneKit
Metal Effect using the Accelerometer
XY Pad Particle Control
Particle Playground
Particles controlled via Accelerometer
Particles used to create Bokeh
3D Transforms to Create a Card Insert Effect
Drag Gesture to Apply 3D Transforms
Pagination using the Accelerometer on the Apple Watch
Roll (Apple Watch) to Scroll
Accelerometer in AirPods to Respond to Yes/No Gestures
Accelerometer in Apple Watch to Control UI
Accelerometer in AirPods to create a parallax effect
Dynamically Lit Interface Element
Accelerometer based Parallax Effect