I volunteered at Basil Labs, a non profit that helped other non-profits with app design, development and consulting. Two project I spent a lot of time on were Quest for Space, and StoryShare.

quest for space

Quest for Space was a school program that allows students build and run experiments on the ISS. I worked on the client relationship, design, marketing, and technical development of the deliverable, which was an interactive portal for students to raise funds.

One of my favorite parts of this experience was building a rocketship data visualization in D3.js to show the progress of funds raised. You can click the button below to see how the visualization changes as more funds are raised.

Story Share Icon

Story Share

Joshua Campaign approached us with a vision to help Christian churches to share Bible stories across language barriers. We created a tool that facilitates a shared reading experience in two languages with a single phone.

Story Share Screenshot

This was an effort that involved other designers, developers, and product managers. My role on the project was to work on design, branding, and styling of the React Native application.