This is my Job

A lot has been written about what encapsulates the scope of the designers work. Different opinions exist because design can look vastly different depending on your project and company. This is my job. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Make Intentional Design Decisions.

Good design is rarely haphazard. Come up with more solutions than you think are necessary, then get feedback early and often. Once you understand the shape of the problem you can work towards a solution.

Build Maintainable Systems.

Create under-engineered design systems that allow for flexibility. Create patterns and guidelines that help others move fast and don’t get in people’s way.

Invest in skills that don’t go out of style.

Writing, Listening, Teaching, and Reading are the skills under all my other skills. They are worth investing in.

Converse with the people who use your product.

Listen to the pain points of real customers. Put yourself in their shoes. Understand the underlying problems and create solutions based on the real issues people have.

Teach what you know.

When you teach, you solidify and systematize what you learn. Teaching a concept is a benchmark for whether or not you truly understand it.